mod_rewrite in action

After switching from blogspot to my own wordpress blog I noticed a lot of 404s. These were triggered by the url change, because initially the articles on blogspot had html extension at the end of url while on wordpress there wasn’t such thing. For example if initially the link was now it become

Quick fix via mod_rewrite, simply edit .htaccess from the root of the website and add this line after RewriteBase:

RewriteRule ^(.*).html$ $1/ [R=301,NC,L]

R=301 means Redirect with 301 code(moved permanently)
NC=no case or case insensitive
L=last rule

Switching to WordPress

I have decided to move from Blogger(Google service) to WordPress engine today. While Blogger is a very good blogging platform I got bored with the limited selection of themes they have available. Plus I have been working a lot with WordPress lately so it’s normal to start using it for my blog 🙂

You may notice that some of the posts got trashed, since I didn’t consider them of any value. The old blog with all the posts is still available at if you are interested.

vWorker(RentACoder) is using cloud infrastructure

Astonishing! Who would have thought they are so advanced in this domain?

Stop reading here if you don’t want to read a rant!

Although this is hardly news there are bits that still puzzle me. For example why did the choose the VMWare and not the Microsoft solution? They are Microsoft fans since forever, even using IIS as web server. I remember the `good old days’ when they were struggling with a very performant MSSql server that wasn’t able to use 8 cores(or it was 8GB RAM? who cares) and they had to upgrade to Gold Membership to patch it.

Another thing I have noticed is that they are using blogger as platform for their blog. But but … Microsoft is going to use WordPress as I found out in this article.

Is the marriage between Ian and Microsoft going through a hard time? Who knows …

On an ending note I find the site interface one of the worst and is it just me or the whole site moves very slow?
P.S.Don’t close my vWorker account!!!

WordPress Reflection Theme plus YAPB and Watermark Plugin

One of my clients required a photo blog created in no time so I decided to go with WordPress and YAPB plugin.

I will not tell you how to install WordPress (2.8.6 atm) since it’s pretty straight forward and there are many sites that provide such info.

Adding themes and plugins to WordPress is pretty easy, just unpack the themes in wp-content/themes and plugins in wp-content/plugins. No big deal.

After installing both YAPB and Reflection theme go to your Admin Dashboard at Appearance / Themes and activate Reflection. Also make sure you visit Plugins and you activate Yet Another PhotoBlog.

There is not much to customize after you are done installing and activating the theme and plugin. Just go to Settings / YAPB and uncheck everything at Automatic Image Insertion or you will get some weird results(double picture showing in Reflection photo blog).

Of course the client also wanted watermark on all his precious photos. So I found this plugin called Marekki’s Watermark. Just download it and unpack in the plugins directory of the blog. As usual go to Admin Dashboard and activate it from Plugins. You have a few settings for it, no doubt you can figure on your own what they do.

Because of the YAPB plugin of course the installation instructions for watermark plugin didn’t work. Instead of changing the file they recommend just go to wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib and edit the file “Yapb.class.php”. Look for a line containing:

 $image = new YapbImage(null, $post_id, $uri);

and add before it this line:

 MM_Execute_WM(ABSPATH . $uri,'');

Voila, you have a cool looking photo blog and all the pictures you upload to it have a watermark. All in less than half an hour which is very nice!

If you are really interested in seeing the blog you can check the result here: Photo Revolution.