Why I don’t like Kaspersky Endpoint Security

I’ve been using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for (almost) one year. What started as a great experience soon turned out to a nightmare as I began to use (or better tried to use) certain features.

  1. When you create a task to remotely deploy KES10 to a workstation it will pack both 32bit and 64bit. This is about 400MB. Good luck deploying that over Internet
  2. Even if the destination workstation is running 64bit OS, Kaspersky will install the 32bit version.
  3. Trying to deploy to multiple machines at the same time fails most of the times
  4. The KES10 installer fails to remove existing AV solutions like Microsoft Security Essentials, so the installation will fail. I had to manually remove MSE before running the install of KES remotely
  5. Deploying to a workstation takes a long time even if it’s in the same building
  6. I click check connection on a workstation. It says it’s available. I try to install something (a security update). I force synchronization and then check the status. It says the workstation is unavailable
  7. Kaspersky Security Center (the management console) will (wrongly) report that computers have not been scanned for a long time, even if this is not true. This is a known bug, and even using the patch provided by Kaspersky support didn’t fix it
  8. Network agent service will stop on some workstations. Why? Who knows.
  9. Contacting support? Get ready to wait half an hour before someone will take your call
  10. Trying to patch software vulnerabilities? Technically possible from Kaspersky Security Center. Reality is that the patch will fail with cryptic messages, even if you accept license agreements and stuff

I think there are more, but these are just a few that I can remember now. When we’ve purchased the licenses for KES10 and installed the management console I was expecting it will help me with workstation protection and management. Turned out I am spending more time trying to figure out why a workstation’s status is critical, why it hasn’t been connected to the administration server for several days, why the AV is not running, how to set policy so that programs will work correctly.

I am looking for other AV solutions for business as Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 failed to deliver. If you have any suggestions for AV solutions for business that you are using please leave a comment.

Error code 1603 when installing Office 2010 on Windows XP

From time to time less technical friends ask me to reinstall their Windows and applications. Usually this takes a couple of hours, but the last time I did this things went completely wrong with Microsoft Office 2010 Pro. The OS was a Windows XP SP3, all security updates with MSE as antivirus solution. After starting the setup the installer failed with a very helpful message “something went wrong”. Thanks a lot Microsoft!

Tried with Run as Administrator. Same thing, failed within seconds after I’ve clicked install. I quickly begin searching the net for Office install issues. Found that the log for the installer is located in the temp directory. To get there simply go to My Computer and in the address bar type %temp%. Look for files called setup*. After reading through the log files found that I had an ErrorCode 1603. Nice thing, very helpful. Search again for 1603, read countless threads on Microsoft site. Tons of bullshits, unrelated answers, you know the usual Microsoft support experience: you did something wrong, uninstall and install again and hope it will magically work this time. It didn’t work! I tried setting the security permissions on files to allow SYSTEM to modify anything on C:, ran as Administrator, got another copy of Office 2010, installed Windows Search 4.0.

The solution I’ve found from a friend of mine:
1) Delete everything in %temp%
2) Go to %appdata% and delete everything from Microsoft/Office
3) Delete everything from C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office
4) C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data delete everything related to Office
5) regedit and delete the keys for Office from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware and HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware
6) Finally start the installer as Administrator

Hopefully it will work for you, it was a very frustrating experience for me!

Fix “Unknown user or password incorrect” for email addresses under ISPConfig

If you are trying to login using either webmail or an email client to your ISPConfig server and all you get is “Unknown user or password incorrect” then it might be an issue with your auth daemon. Check /var/log/mail.log for a line similar to this:

authdaemond: modules="(none)", daemons=0

If you got it then the fix is quite simple. Just add the following lines to /etc/courier/authdaemonrc:


Now restart courier auth daemon:

service courier-authdaemon restart

You should see something similar to this in you mail logs now:

authdaemond: stopping authdaemond children
authdaemond: modules="authmysql", daemons=5
authdaemond: Installing libauthmysql
authdaemond: Installation complete: authmysql

Are you a pirate?

Most people have an aversion to risk, my college economics professor told me. Which means they have to be rewarded to take on that risk. The higher the risk, the higher the possible payout has to be for people to jump.

Once in a while I manage to find a good article, one I really like. Today I found it on techcrunch. Michael Arrington makes an analogy between entrepreneurs and pirates 🙂 Interesting post and nice comments also.

One more quote because I really enjoyed this one:

But at no point did I ever consider getting a “real job.” That felt like a black and white world, and I wanted technicolor.

Full article here : http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/31/are-you-a-pirate/.

Useful Firefox add-ons

This is a list of add-ons I use daily:
Firebug for Web Development
A must add-on for anyone that is doing web development.You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page…

Nagios Checker
for server monitoring
The statusbar indicator of the events from the network monitoring system Nagios. What else can be said?

GMail Notifier for email alerts
Since I use Gmail as mail solution for my day-to-day work this is a great add-on. It supports multiple accounts.

Delicious Bookmarks for keeping your bookmarks in one place
Since I use multiple desktops, laptops and other devices I hate to have separate bookmarks for each of them. delicious is a great way to keep them in one place. You can keep private bookmarks if you want.