Installing MongoDB PECL extension

The MongoDB PECL extension has not been installed or enabled If you have installed MongoDB and you get the above error or something similar to it, you will need to install the php extension. It’s quite easy, shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. All the commands were executed as root, if you want […]

mod_fcgid: HTTP request length exceeds MaxRequestLen

Symptoms: When trying to upload a file you get “Error 500, Internal server error”. In the error log file you get something like: [Tue Aug 21 20:40:39 2012] [warn] [client x.x.x.x] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 132532 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072), referer: This problem is present in ISPConfig 3 running on Ubuntu 12.04, when […]

file command error for application/msword when checking mime type

If you updated your system and file command started to behave strangely when trying to determine file type for Microsoft Word, giving you  “ERROR: (null)” instead of “application/msword” here is a quick solution to fix it. # Checkout source files git clone # generate configure/make and stuff cd file libtoolize –force aclocal autoheader automake –force-missing […]