Fix “Unknown user or password incorrect” for email addresses under ISPConfig

If you are trying to login using either webmail or an email client to your ISPConfig server and all you get is “Unknown user or password incorrect” then it might be an issue with your auth daemon. Check /var/log/mail.log for a line similar to this:

authdaemond: modules="(none)", daemons=0

If you got it then the fix is quite simple. Just add the following lines to /etc/courier/authdaemonrc:


Now restart courier auth daemon:

service courier-authdaemon restart

You should see something similar to this in you mail logs now:

authdaemond: stopping authdaemond children
authdaemond: modules="authmysql", daemons=5
authdaemond: Installing libauthmysql
authdaemond: Installation complete: authmysql



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