Cloud providers compared

Cloud Providers

Amazon offers EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) as IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service). Maybe the most well known cloud provider, provides a wide variety of instances to use starting from 10 cents/hour up to 80 cents/hour.
Rackspace offers Cloud Servers, the equivalent of Amazon’s EC2. The prices start from 1.5 cents/hour for 256 MB instance and go up to 96 cents/hour for their top instances.
GoGrid have, in their customer opinion, best UI(User Interface). Their prices seem a bit high, but with their prepaid plans prices go down to 10 cents/hour, similar to Amazon.

All three providers offer file storage also:
-Amazon offers S3 (15 cents/GB)
-Rackspace has Cloud Files(15 cents/GB)
-GoGrid has Cloud Storage in Beta (15 cents/GB)
So not much to say here. Prices are the same for storing.

But for uploading / downloading the files you store they also charge a tax.
-S3 will cost 1 cent per 1000 PUT/POST/COPY/LIST requests and 1 cent for 10 000 GET requests(when a user requests an image). DELETE is free 🙂
-Rackspace will cost 2 cents per 1000 PUT/POST/LIST requests and it’s FREE for GET requests … which I believe is an advantage for mEgo.
-Couldn’t find any reasonable info about GoGrid on this matter.

Another important aspect is the bandwidth cost:
-Amazon 10c/17c for each 1 GB uploaded/downloaded
-Rackspace 8c/22c for each 1 GB uploaded/downloaded
-GoGrid with no plan you get to pay FREE/50c for each GB. But for 200$ a month we can get down to 20c/GB for downloads(Transfer 1TB plan).

Case study: 2 web servers each with 2 GB of RAM and one database server with 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB file storage, 400GB inbound transfers and 1TB outbound transfer.

2x c1.medium = 288$ (2 x 0.4$/h x 720h)
1x c1.high = 576$ (well this one has 7GB of RAM) (0.8$/h x 720h)
500GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 40$
1TB outbound = 170$
Total 1149$/month

2x 2048MB = 172$(2 x 0.12$/h x 720)
1x 8192MB = 345$(0.48$/h x 720)
500 GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 32$
1TB outbound = 220$
Total 844$/month

GoGrid – for this one I will make use of their prepaid plans Advanced Cloud(499$/month for 5 000 RAM hours) and Tranfer 1TB plan(200$/month for 1TB outbound)
(2 x 2GB + 1x 8GB) * 720 = 8640 RAM hours at a price of 0.10$/hour which means 864$
500GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 0$
1TB outbound = 200$
Total 1139$/month
LE: See Michael’s comment for additional info regarding GoGrid



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  1. Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan says:

    Nice post Octavian.

    I just wanted to provide a bit more information to your readers and for you.

    GoGrid's Cloud Storage gives you 10 GB for free as well. There is no charge for transfer, because the current version does not act as a stand-alone offering. That means that you have to have 1 GoGrid server deployed and have Cloud Storage mounted to transfer data. So if you want to upload data to Cloud Storage, you need to get it to your GoGrid server and then transfer it over to Cloud Storage (all inbound, as you say, is free).

    Of course, with those plans, you do have the ability to go a bit higher in terms of capacity (e.g., more servers with less ram).

    Lastly, each GoGrid server has persistent storage based on the amount of RAM you have deployed. So for the 8GB server, you have 480 GB of persistent storage on that server image as well and 120GBx2 on the 2GB servers. So, you could say that 720 GBs of persistent storage on the servers are free. That would make the costs a bit less expensive if you don't use Cloud Storage.

    A new version of our Cloud Storage offering will be coming as well.

    Please let me know if you have questions: Michael AT


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