Cloud providers compared

Cloud Providers

Amazon offers EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) as IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service). Maybe the most well known cloud provider, provides a wide variety of instances to use starting from 10 cents/hour up to 80 cents/hour.
Rackspace offers Cloud Servers, the equivalent of Amazon’s EC2. The prices start from 1.5 cents/hour for 256 MB instance and go up to 96 cents/hour for their top instances.
GoGrid have, in their customer opinion, best UI(User Interface). Their prices seem a bit high, but with their prepaid plans prices go down to 10 cents/hour, similar to Amazon.

All three providers offer file storage also:
-Amazon offers S3 (15 cents/GB)
-Rackspace has Cloud Files(15 cents/GB)
-GoGrid has Cloud Storage in Beta (15 cents/GB)
So not much to say here. Prices are the same for storing.

But for uploading / downloading the files you store they also charge a tax.
-S3 will cost 1 cent per 1000 PUT/POST/COPY/LIST requests and 1 cent for 10 000 GET requests(when a user requests an image). DELETE is free 🙂
-Rackspace will cost 2 cents per 1000 PUT/POST/LIST requests and it’s FREE for GET requests … which I believe is an advantage for mEgo.
-Couldn’t find any reasonable info about GoGrid on this matter.

Another important aspect is the bandwidth cost:
-Amazon 10c/17c for each 1 GB uploaded/downloaded
-Rackspace 8c/22c for each 1 GB uploaded/downloaded
-GoGrid with no plan you get to pay FREE/50c for each GB. But for 200$ a month we can get down to 20c/GB for downloads(Transfer 1TB plan).

Case study: 2 web servers each with 2 GB of RAM and one database server with 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB file storage, 400GB inbound transfers and 1TB outbound transfer.

2x c1.medium = 288$ (2 x 0.4$/h x 720h)
1x c1.high = 576$ (well this one has 7GB of RAM) (0.8$/h x 720h)
500GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 40$
1TB outbound = 170$
Total 1149$/month

2x 2048MB = 172$(2 x 0.12$/h x 720)
1x 8192MB = 345$(0.48$/h x 720)
500 GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 32$
1TB outbound = 220$
Total 844$/month

GoGrid – for this one I will make use of their prepaid plans Advanced Cloud(499$/month for 5 000 RAM hours) and Tranfer 1TB plan(200$/month for 1TB outbound)
(2 x 2GB + 1x 8GB) * 720 = 8640 RAM hours at a price of 0.10$/hour which means 864$
500GB file storage = 75$
400GB inbound = 0$
1TB outbound = 200$
Total 1139$/month
LE: See Michael’s comment for additional info regarding GoGrid