Zend Framework + SVN + ZF Tools on CentOS

This first part focuses on installing svn + zf library + zf tools on your dev server. In the second part (coming soon) I will show you how to create a svn repository and import into it a simple zf project created with zf tools.

You will need at least a working web server (Apache2) and PHP version 5.

I’ll be using utterramblings repository to install subversion and required packages for the apache server.

Import the gpg key for utterramblings repository:

rpm –import http://www.jasonlitka.com/media/RPM-GPG-KEY-jlitka

Add the repository to yum by creating a repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/utterramblings.repo that contains the following lines:

name=Jason’s Utter Ramblings Repo

Install subversion and mod_dav_svn from utterramblings:

yum install subversion –enablerepo=utterramblings
yum install mod_dav_svn –enablerepo=utterramblings

You should have everything you need to start working with svn on your server.

Now let’s install ZF tools to the server:

mkdir ZF_Tool
cd ZF_Tool/
svn checkout http://framework.zend.com/svn/framework/laboratory/Zend_Tool/ .

Now copy the directory ‘library/ZendL’ to a place that’s in the include path of your php. In my case it was ‘/usr/share/php’.

Copy ‘bin/zf.sh’ and ‘bin/zf.php’ to /bin and edit zf.sh updating ZF_BIN_PHP variable to:


Don’t forget to change their permissions so anyone can use them:

chmod a+rx /bin/zf*

For ZF library I’ve used the minimal package since it contains most of the stuff I use anyway without being bloated. At the time of writing this article 1.6 was the latest version, which I’ve got it from their site using wget:

wget http://framework.zend.com/releases/ZendFramework-1.6.2/ZendFramework-1.6.2-minimal.tar.gz
tar zxvf ZendFramework-1.6.2-minimal.tar.gz

Copy the directory ‘library/Zend’ to the same place where you’ve put ZendL directory (‘/usr/share/php’ for me).

Now if everything went ok when you type at the cli ‘zf show version’ you should get something like ‘Zend Framework Version: 1.6.2’.

Congratulations you are done with this part. If you want you can play around with ‘zf create project’ until I publish my next article showing how to use zf tools + SVN together to create the bases of a project.



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